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Mark Johnson - President


My name is Mark Johnson and I am the President and General Manager. I am a lifelong resident of Shreveport, LA. I began my career in the Automobile Industry in 1989 with Holmes Honda. My experience with Honda automobiles goes back to age 15, when I purchased my first car, a 1973 Honda Civic. I have been a Honda enthusiast ever since! It has been a privilege to be able to help so many people in the Shreveport/Bossier City community over the years with their transportation needs!

Paige Holmes - Vice President
Vice President

Keith Hightower - Senior Vice President
Senior Vice President


Sales Management

Cody Crowder - General Sales Manager
General Sales Manager

My name is Cody Crowder and I have been with Holmes Honda and in the car business for 16 years! I love to watch sports, especially the Dallas Cowboys and I love hanging with my beautiful wife and daughter when im not at work. My goal has already happened and it was to be apart of the best Auto Group in the U.S.! Im best known for starting here at Holmes Honda at the age of 16 as a porter and working my way up to a Salesperson, Finance Manager at Holmes European Motors, Finance Manager at Holmes Honda,Sales Manager, and now the General Sales Manager at Holmes Honda

Derrick Addison - Used Car Director
Used Car Director

Will Hall - Sales Manager
Sales Manager

My name is William Hall and I'm a Sales Manager for Holmes Honda. I was raised in Lake Charles, LA but in the Spring of 2011 moved to North Louisiana. I was introduced to Holmes Honda a few months later when I bought my third Honda but first Odyssey(Man-van). I was blown away by the buying experience and came back a few years later to purchase my '15 EX-L Accord. I truly believe that Honda vehicles are the best on the market, my wife and I both drive one. The culture and experience with Honda was what led me to come work for Holmes.

I've built my family and life upon serving others. I would love the opportunity to help find the perfect car for you and your family.

Jason Norman - Sales Manager
Sales Manager

My name is Jason Norman and I have been in the car business and at Holmes Honda for 3 years! and Im loving it! When I'm not selling cars I am spending time with my family! Im know most for always lending a helping hand! Lastly, If you see me I will always say hello!

AJ Miller - Sales Manager
Sales Manager

James Glassy - Used Car Manager
Used Car Manager

My name is James Glassy I started at Holmes Honda in 2015 as a Sales & Leasing Consultant and I have just recently been promoted to a Sales Manager. I began training on October of 2015 and sold my first car on Halloween Day! I can honestly say that it has been the best job I've ever had. Every day brings new people to meet, and new problems to solve. I just recently traded in a 1999 Civic LX with 192K miles on it, I am now on my third Honda which is a 2020 Civic Sport. Thank you Holmes Honda for the amazing opportunity!

Michael Walls - Inventory Control Manager
Inventory Control Manager


I'm Mike Walls, Holmes Honda's trusted Inventory Manager!
I've been with the Holmes team for 20 years.

If I could drive any car in the world, it would be a 2020 Honda Accord Touring 2.0T!
When I'm not at work, my favorite thing to do is fish, or spend time with my son who is away at college.
People close to me know me best for my singing!

Tina Oliver - Business Improvement Manager
Business Improvement Manager

I have worked in customer relations for the last thirty years, spending most of my time in medical office settings. I joined the Holmes Auto Group in 2008. This was a big change for me, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge! Holmes customers are THE BEST and I absolutely love my co-workers. We are like family. Business improvement in a dealership is rewarding because I get to be part of the change that our customers want to see. Come see us!

Mike Delacerda - Training & Development
Training & Development

Hello!  My first Honda car was a new Honda Civic I bought from Holmes Honda in 1994 and I have been in love with the brand every since.  I joined the team at Holmes Honda in 2001 right after I purchased a new Honda Accord for my wife, Denise, for Mother's Day.  (She loved it!)  I am ready to answer any questions you have and look forward to serving you soon.

All the best,

Mike DeLaCerda



Carlos Gutierrez
Sales & Leasing Consultant (Bilingual)


My name is Carlos Guitierrez and I am a Sales & Leasing Consultant. I have been in sales since I was 16, but have been selling cars for 13.5 years. I have been with Holmes Honda for 11 years, and I love working for the best dealership in the Shreveport Bossier area. It has been a dream come true to be able to follow my passion in sales, and it makes it easier selling a product as excellent as Honda. I look forward to meeting you and your family soon, and I want to thank my loyal customers for 11 amazing years!
Se Habla Espanol

Kameron Kennon
Sales & Leasing Consultant

My name is Kameron Kennon, a Sales and Leasing Consultant at Holmes Honda. I am a life-long residence of Louisiana who prides myself on providing the utmost in southern hospitality. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, and engaging in sports. I am a proud father who believed in setting positive standards and leaving the air of peace an understanding everywhere I go. I am also a firm believer in consistent progress is essential in every aspect of life. It is a joy and a privilege to help others fulfill their needs and serve them beyond expectation. If you like communicating and doing business with professionals who have integrity, honesty, understanding, and respect with a servant mindset; then Holmes Honda is the place and I am your guy. Feel free to call me or come by. I do look forward to serving you and providing you with all the information possible to meet your needs.

"Kameron Kennon Holmes Honda"

Michael Price
Sales & Leasing Consultant


My name is Michael A. Price and I joined the sales team at Holmes Honda in 2018.   I am extremely honored to be part of the Holmes Honda family.  When I'm not enjoying the life of serving people at Holmes Honda  I can usually be found taking a therapeutic ride in my Honda Civic Si, which I absolutely love,  or spending time with my family. I enjoy reading, basketball games, and traveling. I look forward to serving you and engaging in an unforgettable New or PreOwned

Josh Mayfield
Sales & Leasing Consultant

Hello, my name is Josh Mayfield and I started my career at Holmes Honda Shreveport in July, 2018. I am a family man with a wonderful wife and 3 beautiful daughters. I've spent the last 13 years serving others as a Shreveport Police Officer. Holmes Honda is #1 in customer service, both in helping our customers find the right vehicle and servicing them after the sell. My experiences in serving people in the past will allow me to provide you with selfless service by truly listening to customers about their vehicle needs. I invite you to Holmes Honda to meet me and allow me to serve you with the professionalism and respect you deserve. I look forward to seeing you. Josh Mayfield

Sterling Ware
Sales & Leasing Consultant

Hi there!  My name is Sterling Ware and I am a Sales & Leasing Consultant at Holmes Honda Shreveport. I've been serving customers at Holmes Honda since July 2017.  I am proud to say I am born and raised in Shreveport, LA.  If I'm not at the dealership, then I'm with my wife, probably cheering on the Saints or the Tigers!  I love helping people with their vehicle needs and I find it to be quite fulfilling work.  I look forward to helping you and yours become a part of our Honda family!

DJ Addison
Sales & Leasing Consultant

Hi, I'm DJ Addison and I've been around the Holmes Honda family virtually all my life.  My dad, Derrick Addison, is the Used Car Director and started me early on being a Honda fanatic.  I joined the Holmes Honda family in June 2017, in our detail department and was promoted to the sales team in August 2018.  My purpose is to serve the wants and needs of every customer who walks through our doors!  I'm looking forward to meeting new people every day, serving them well and always making it easy!

Sebastian Gutierrez
Bilingual Sales & Leasing Consultant

Quinton Davenport
Sales & Leasing Consultant

Hello, my name is Quinton Davenport.  I joined the Holmes Honda family in May of 2019.  Honda cars are awesome!  When I'm not serving my clients at work, I am enjoying time with my family.  One of my biggest motivations in life is seeing my beautiful daughter smile.  My hobbies include reading, sports and going to the gym.  I am very excited about this new opportunity at Holmes Honda and look forward to serving you and your family very soon.  Thank you!

Scott Goldstein
Sales & Leasing Consultant

Hi, this is Scott Goldstein with Holmes Honda in Shreveport. Welcome to YOUR personal page.
I'm excited to share all the information you need to know about the vehicles you are interested in on this page.
Here you have access to each vehicles videos, photos, brochures, history report (if pre-owned), and a host of content rich information to help you make your buying decision.
You can also submit a credit application by clicking the "credit application" button.
When you are ready to move forward, click "create my deal" button.

Personal Bit: I've been serving customers at Holmes Honda for 1 year and have developed a HUGE passion for the Honda brand.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help you with your vehicle purchase. 

Stephen Bryan
Sales & Leasing Consultant

Hi there!  My name is Stephen Bryan and I am a Sales & Leasing Consultant at Holmes Honda Shreveport. Prior to working at HHS I have been in the customer service industry for most of my life. I am a North Louisiana native but started my sales career in Alaska as a tour guide. I'm also obsessed with technology so naturally that obsession has always driven me toward the Honda brand. The first car I ever purchased was a Honda powered Type-R and it will always hold a place in my heart.  It has been an exciting transition into the automotive world, and I am happy to help customers get their dream in their driveway. I'm here to answer all your questions and can't wait to make sure we select the perfect Honda for you!

Maximilian Kolarov
Sales & Leasing Consultant


My name is Maximilian Kolarov I am a Sales and Leasing Consultant here at Holmes Honda Shreveport!  I began my career in the Automotive Industry in 2019 with Holmes Honda. I have been a Honda enthusiast ever since! It is a privilege to have the ability to help and serve so many people in the Shreveport/Bossier City community with their transportation needs. I looking forward to serving you!


Johnny Norton
Sales & Leasing Consultant

Jacob Kilpatrick
Sales & Leasing Consultant

Hello! I have been serving and supporting Holmes Honda customers since February of 2020. Customer and community service have been my passions for as long as I can remember. I was born and raised in Mesquite, TX, but Shreveport is my home. My hobbies include watching/playing sports such as football, basketball, ultimate frisbee and disc golf. I have an extensive history in customer service. I look forward to serving you soon! All the best, Jacob. 

Sheldon Dudley
Sales & Leasing Consultant

Hello , My name is Sheldon Dudley. I am a lifelong resident of the Shreveport-Bossier area and a 2018 graduate of Parkway High School. Helping people has always been something I have enjoyed doing and Holmes Honda is a great place to do that. From the moment I saw my first Honda, it was obvious that they are terrific cars. Come see me at Holmes Honda today and I will help you select your next Honda.  I know you are going to love it! I look forward to serving you soon.

All the best, Sheldon Dudley

Jessica Carver
Assistant Inventory Manager

Ja'Quel Brooks
General Sales Manager Assistant


Service Management

Chase Johnson - Service Director
Service Director

My name is Chase Johnson and I am the Service Director. I started my career here in 2003 as a service advisor, and was promoted to Service Director in 2013. My passion is to provide the best customer service, and grow my team. The Holmes Honda team is like my family, and I'm grateful to do what I love, and have the opportunity to be a servant to our customers.

Jamaal Clark - Service Manager
Service Manager

Terry Fitzpatrick - Detail Manager
Detail Manager



Dallas French -Asst Manager
Assistant Service Manager

Tyler Ortego - Asst. Manager
Assistant Service Manager

Katie Kimball- Asst Manager
Assistant Service Manager

Kinsley Tyson- Asst Manager
Assistant Service Manager


Customer Relations

Allen Smith
Business Development Director

Hello!!! My name is Allen Smith and I've been with Holmes Honda for 7 awesome years! I was raised around cars all my life and love them. My father used to race cars and I ended up being the driver. My quickest time back then was 7.82 in a quarter mile, and back then that was pretty fast! Me and my awesome wife are parents to 4 great people that we are very proud of. I enjoy playing guitar and a long time ago the band I was in (Open Eyes) performed at Oak Mountain Theater in Birmingham Alabama to a crowd of 9K people. At that show, the group KISS had their sound men there and they ran our sound for us that night. It was neat meeting those guys. I know I'm bald but let me tell you, years ago my hair was down to the middle of my back!! I love life and with the same passion I get the wonderful opportunity to serve along some of the greatest people and the best products in the automotive industry. I look forward to meeting you and if you need anything at all please feel free to contact me at 318.212.1477 or 318.553.0035.

Find me on Facebook:, Twitter:, LinkedIn:

Peter Watson
Customer Relations Manager

Lela Loredo
Customer Relations Manager

Emily Martinez
Customer Relations Manager

Jessica Walker
Customer Relations Manager

Shalah Holman
Customer Relations Manager

Drew Durham
Customer Relations Manager

Rian Dickson
Customer Relations Manager

Ryan Wallis
Customer Relations Manager

Melissa Cox
Customer Relations Manager

Anson Hughes
Customer Relations Manager

Rauland Johnson
Customer Relations Manager

Haylee Johnson
Customer Relations Manager



Bobby Rothenberger - Parts Manager
Parts Manager

Nathan Johnson
Parts Manager

Daven Brown
Honda Parts Associate



Krystal Hines - Digital Operations Manager
Digital Operations Manager


My name is Krystal Hines and I am the Digital Operations Manager for Holmes Auto Group. I have been with Holmes (this time) for four years, and am so thankful I was lead to this wonderful company! I began as the receptionist, and then became the finance assistant. When I returned I took over the photography for our websites, and soon became the Social Media Manager, and now I am here! Outside of work I enjoy hanging out with my husband and loved ones, as well as my weenie dog "Bruno." Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you may have!


Krystal Curtis

Michael Hoppe - IT Manager
IT Manager

Jess Borja
Inventory Photography



Edward Burnett
Finance Manager

My name is Edward Burnett and I am an F&I Manager at Holmes Honda. I am the proud father of five children and they are my reason in everything I do. I am also the proud owner of a 2016 Honda Civic. I love my children, I love my car, I love Honda, and I love my job, so come in and I'll show you why I love them all so much!

Thank you,

Edward Burnett

Seth Pitre
Finance Manager

Hello, my name is Seth Pitre. I'm a sales & leasing consultant here at Holmes Honda. I was born and raised in Opelousas, LA and moved to Shreveport in December 2015. I'm new to the car business but I have a passion for helping others and making sure my customers are satisfied. My love for Hondas began when I was five years old and I woke up on Christmas morning with a Honda 3 wheeler in my living room. Since then, I have owned several Hondas in my life and I have first hand experience with the quality and reliability of their products. Contact me and let me help you find the perfect vehicle for you!

Wes Merriott
Finance Manager


My name is Wes Merriott and I am a HUGE Honda fan! 2019 is my second year serving our great customers at Holmes Honda. I am a proud veteran of the United States Army and I love serving the military community in northwest Louisiana!

 Email me at Have a great day!


Allstate Insurance

Allyson Miller
Holmes Insurance Agency Manager

Allyson Coleman joined Holmes Insurance Agency (Allstate) March 2016 as the Sales Manager over 6 Holmes dealership franchises. Bringing over 10 years of experience in insurance, she is a creditable knowledgeable expert in both personal lines and commercial lines insurance. Also, Ally is a licensed agent in Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas. She studied business and marketing at Louisiana State University, and is currently a full time student finishing an engineering degree from Northwestern State University.

Ally enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering in her community, cooking & traveling.

Justin Hickingbottom
Allstate Insurance Specialist

Jordan Sims
Allstate Insurance Specialist


Collision Center

Bridget Moseley

Hailee Compton
Office Manager

Connie Rivet

Matthew Neff



Teresa Beighley

Nerissa Handy
Office Manager

Corey Gilliam