Is Holmes Honda a KBB Instant Cash Offer dealer?

Yes. Holmes Honda Shreveport is a Kelley Blue Book / KBB instant cash offer dealership. Our Honda dealership is a participating dealer in this program.  Your Kelley Blue Book instant cash offer is valid for 7 days upon receiving an offer for your car.


What car dealerships take trade Ins?

Looking for trade in car dealerships near Shreveport, LA? Our new and used car dealership takes trade ins! Our Honda dealership wants to buy your car regardless if you have a used Honda car, truck or SUV. Holmes Honda also wants to buy your used vehicle, even if it's not a Honda!  See how much your car is worth by discovering your instant cash offer. Then, sell your car to Holmes Honda after you receive an instant cash offer.


How does it work when I trade in my car at Holmes Honda?

Before we can give you a KBB cash offer for your used car in Shreveport, we'll need to see the vehicle to determine how much the car is worth. This is called a used car appraisal. We check the condition of your vehicle by doing a complete walk-around and test-drive. During the vehicle walk-around, we'll inspect items such as the body, bumpers, tires, and wheels. We'll look for anything that may need additional work such as scratches and dings. Then, we'll take a short test-drive to make sure the vehicle runs ok as well.


Is it a good idea to trade in my used vehicle?

If you value convenience in buying and selling, then yes. Holmes Honda can help you avoid meeting a car buyer you don't know (at your home or other places) and selling to a private party (via a private sale) to exchange money or title. Plus, you can also eliminate any potential confrontation with the buyer down-the-road. Remove the risk of dealing with these problems by selling your used car, SUV, or truck directly to Holmes Honda in Shreveport, LA.


How long does a trade-in appraisal take?

It usually doesn't take as long as you might think. Our vehicle appraiser may ask you questions and consult some current market valuation sources, among other things. All these factors help you obtain a fair and accurate value for your vehicle.


How much does it cost for a trade-in appraisal?

Nothing! There is no cost for Holmes Honda Shreveport to determine your car's value and no obligation to trade-in or sell your vehicle after receiving your vehicle's KKB trade-in value/appraisal price.


What are the most important factors you consider when putting a value on a trade-in?

The general condition of the vehicle (including body and tires), overall cleanliness, history reports (including accidents), current engine light or emissions warnings, and whether there was a consistent history of maintenance. All of these items contribute to the value we placed on pre-owned vehicles.


I still have a car loan. Can I still trade in my vehicle that has an outstanding loan?

Yes, you can trade in your used car or truck. Be sure to bring all lienholder payoff information to the dealership at the time of your trade-in so we have all of the information needed about the auto loan.


Can you trade in a used vehicle that has issues?

Yes. The severity of those issues can affect its value. If your vehicle has a few light scratches or a minor dent, it shouldn't impact its value too much. Serious engine issues or if it has been in an accident are more likely reasons why you may be offered a lower purchase price. We'll review all of the issues from the vehicle appraisal.