Oil Life
 Message What to Do
 15% SERVICE DUE SOON Plan to take vehicle in for scheduled maintenance.
 5% SERVICE DUE NOW Take vehicle in now for scheduled maintenance.
(Mileage past due is also shown.)
 Service is overdue. Take vehicle in now for scheduled maintenance.
Maintenance Main items
 Symbol What To Do
 A Replace engine oil.
 A Perform multi-point vehicle inspection.
 B Replace engine oil and filter.
 B Perform multi-point vehicle inspection.
NOTE: Messages do not apply to the Accord Plug-In.

Maintenance Sub items
 Number What to Do
 1 Rotate tires, check tire pressure and condition. ALL
 2 Replace air cleaner element. Except Accord Plug-In
 2 Replace dust and pollen filter. ALL
 2 Inspect drive belt. ALL
 2 Replace fuel filter A element (high pressure).  Civic Natural Gas Only
 2 Inspect value clearance. Civic Natural Gas Only
 2 Inspect fuel tank. Civic Natural Gas Only
 3 Replace transmission fluid. ALL
 3 Replace the transfer fluid. AWD/4WD Models Only
 4 Replace spark plugs. ALL
 4 Replace timing belt and inspect water pump. If Equipped
 4 Inspect value clearance. Except Civic Natural Gas
 5 Replace engine coolant.  ALL
 6 Replace rear differential fluid. AWD/4WD Models Only
 7 Replace brake fluid. Some Models
 8 Replace air cleaner element. Accord Plug-in Only