Honda Urban EV Concept Coming to Dealerships in 2019!

March 7th, 2018 by

The cheerful and cute Honda Urban EV Concept we saw last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show is actually coming to life. Honda has confirmed that they are taking orders on the new Honda Urban EV by early 2019, in Europe.  The production model will soon follow after that. Honda is planning on tweaking and making the appropriate exterior changes to make it through production, for safety reasonings. Getting rid of the slim roof pillars and the pedestrian facing screen as well, as the camera and the screen shown on the Concept model is not market legal yet. It is expected that the production model of the EV will have a rather large screen on the interior and Honda will take away the low-cut bench seats for the very well known bucket seats that consumers know and love. There is still no word yet on if this Honda EV will make it to the State just yet.   

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