Honda Civic Type R Could Have AWD and More Power!

July 3rd, 2017 by

I’m so happy to be able to type these words. The 2017 Honda Civic Type R is finally here, at the dealership! Honda enthusiasts have been waiting 20 long years for the Type R to be legally for sale in the United States. Honda heard the pleas of the fans and finally pulled the trigger to go ahead and start production on the first made U.S. legal Type R. Let me tell you, everyone has been going wild over it on social media. June 15th was the day history was made.

The Civic Type R went officially for sale on June 15th, 2017. Since then the first Type R ever made was auctioned off for charity and sold for 200,000 dollars! Which is absolutely amazing. When the first pictures of the Type R got released everyone went absolutely crazy and scurried over to their dealerships to put a deposit down, so that they can have one of the few Type R’s that would be making its presence known to the dealership. This Civic means so much to everyone in the Honda world. Even more so now that its going to be consider rare and limited. Each dealership will be lucky to receive 3 and each Honda dealer has to earn the Civic Type R. Honda will be giving these beauties to the dealerships that sold the most. Which is an honor in itself that we have gotten promised 3 since we are 10 Time Presidents Award Winner! We are happy to say that we sold all 3 at MSRP.

So what does this mean for the next 2 years? Honda has announced that they are only making 1700 Civic Type R’s for the next two years stateside.  But there are rumors that the newer model Civic Type R’s will be sold with more trim level availability since this year is Touring Trims only. With more trim level availability comes a cheaper MSRP. Though more trim levels are great,the biggest rumor going around is that there will be more power and possibly AWD? The Civic Type R is the fastest and quickest FWD car in production and a AWD option is what a lot of Honda enthusiasts want. Honda may hear the pleas and make it happen but for right now its only a rumor. A good thing to remember that the block on the Civic Type R can handle more power.


The Civic Type R is currently marked at 34K MSRP. Available only in the touring trim model (I mean have you’ve seen those headlights!?!). Though it is a touring trim it does not come with the Honda sensing, simply because its a race car built for the track. Another fun fact about the Type R is that it does not come with a spare tire. The Type R comes in 5 different colors; Championship White, Aegean Blue, Crystal Black, Rallye Red, and Polished Metal. Though there are different color exteriors they all come with the same red Recaro racing seats! Equipped with beautiful 20 inch Alloy wheels on Continental tires. 306 HP with a 6 speed manual transmission to keep the Type R tradition alive. Check out the arrival of our Sold Unit Type R below!