The 2018 Honda Odyssey Is Turning Heads!

January 20th, 2017 by

New Year New Odyssey

Every year Honda has come out with something bigger and better. The 2018 Honda Odyssey is a prime example of this. The 2018 Odyssey Is not your ordinary minivan in fact, It will change your mind about what you thought a mini van is all about. When you think of a minivan your first thought is soccer mom! Well not anymore, Honda has made sure to make this van the coolest minivan you’ll see! By the end of this article you will be itching to have one.

2018 Honda Odyssey


The Honda Odyssey is the first minivan to have a 10 speed transmission but this is only available in the top trim levels. When purchasing a 2018 model Odyssey, no matter what trim level you end up getting your Odyssey will be equipped with a 3.5 liter V-6 engine. This will make the Odyssey have 248 horsepower to about 280 horsepower which is impressive in itself! Thanks to Honda, it will shed about 100 pounds which will boost the fuel economy! Fuel economy is not available just yet.05-2018-honda-odyssey_large

Cabin Watch

Honda has literally thought of everything when it comes to this stylish minivan! Honda wanted to make driving with your kids a little bit more easier on you. So Honda has came out with something called ‘Cabin Watch’, which is in fact the only minivan to have one! There is a camera placed in the rear entertainment system, that will turn on with a push of a button so that you can view it on your 8inch touchscreen audio system! You are able to pinch and zoom in on the screen to get a better look of your backseat passengers!

2018-Honda-Odyssey-120-876x535Cabin Talk

Have you’ve ever been in a position where your kids or friends are in the back watching a movie while you are driving and you want to get their attention, but they can’t hear you because of the headphones they are using to watch a movie? Well, with the new 2018 Honda Odyssey that will change! A new feature has come out called ‘Cabin Talk’! ‘Cabin Talk’ allows you to speak into the microphone, which your backseat passengers can hear in the headphones while they are watching a movie and even in the rear speakers! The rear entertainment center now comes with a 10.2 inch screen which now streams Spotify, iHeartRadio, and PBS Kids with the help of a new 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection. 2018-Honda-Odyssey-119-876x535

Interior Gets Even Better, Magic Seats Say What?

Not only do you get a stylish 8.0 Inch touchscreen audio system, you are able to customize it! You can drag and drop icons around to make a shortcut menu, so you can have your most used apps all in one place! Did we mention that the rear seats are now heated? Yep thats right! Even the steering wheel is heated and front seats! The Odyssey now has a wireless charging station for your phone which is newly available. The Odyssey now comes with something Honda likes to call “Magic Seats”. “Magic Seats” is here to make moving around the backseats easier all with a push of a button! You can now slide seats around and maneuver them side to side to wherever you like to make getting in and out of the backseats possible!


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